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With ‘All things German’ being popular these days; let’s talk about German film and

films about Germany.

das bootabsolute giganten

Germany has a rich cinematic history, from Expressionism to the German Auteurs of the Seventies up until the Young European Cinema of today. It is also home to many International Productions and provider of talents in all film related fields and even the occasional tax incentive 😉

10 Questions alone cannot do justice to a century of film of one entire nation, but we’re trying to cover a few bases and hopefully come away with some great recommendations for our individual watchlists.

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Please answer those questions with the #mtos so everyone can see your answers.

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And here are the ze Questions:

Q1 Let’s start easy, Ja? What is your favourite German film? #mtos

Q2 Germany has brought forth some great directors; who is your favourite and which of his/her films? #mtos


Q3 German Expressionism & it’s artists have made their mark on Hollywood Cinema of the 20’s to the 40’s,which film is your favourite? #mtos

Q4 We have some pretty charismatic and talented actors that made the jump to International Films;who is your favourite actress/ actor? #mtos

Q5 The Cliché says Germans have no sense of humour, this is obviously FALSE, what is your favourite German Comedy? #mtos

herzog und kinski

Q6 Werner Herzog has been a major influence in the New German Cinema movement & is a cult persona today;which work of his is your fav? #mtos

Q7 With this years 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz; which film (besides Schindlers List) would you recommend to see? #mtos

Q8 For 44 yrs GER had been a divided country,which film about the former GermanDemocraticRepublic left the biggest impression on you? #mtos

checkpoint charlie

Q9 During the Cold War, Berlin was THE hotspot for the spy game, what is your favourite international Checkpoint Charlie based film? #mtos

Q10 Goldfinger,Hans Gruber,Hans Landa; Germany is home to some of the most fascinating cinematic villains, which one is your favourite? #mtos

The BIGGEST THANKS goes to @UncleJago who not only gave me a home for my questions here but is responsible for half of them. This has been a great Swiss/German cooperation.